Any element that we want to add to the house will depend on the space we have. This is an obvious aspect and to install a SPA at home even more, taking into account its dimensions. No matter how small the Jacuzzi model, you need a room or an outdoor space large enough to mount the Jacuzzi itself, all its equipment and to be able to use it and move with comfort and safety. This is especially important if the SPA is high. In this case you may need a ladder, so count on it to find out if your home has enough space.

When we talk about the capacity of a jacuzzi, we refer to the number of people who usually use it at the same time. The usual in private jacuzzis are the models of 2 to 5 seats at the most. And obviously, the more capacity the SPA has, the greater the space you need and the price.
The jets are the devices responsible for the whirlpool. Therefore, if you have a muscular ailment and need hydrotherapy, you will have to take into account the number of jets you need and where to locate them. Depending on your distribution you can enjoy lumbar, dorsal or cervical massages. In addition, if you want to complete your treatment, you can also choose to install jets that offer aromatherapy, which inject salts and essential oils through the impulse of the jet, and chromotherapy, which stimulates the senses and enhances relaxation through colored lights.

On the other hand, if you are an athlete, the placement and number of jets in your Jacuzzi will depend on the areas of the body that you exercise and need to deal with the most. And it is that the hydromassage has great advantages in the toning of the muscles and reaffirmation of the skin.