Having an optimal quality of water in our pool is essential to avoid health problems, as they can damage and irritate the eyes and skin. It seems obvious, but we often believe that water, apparently clean, is optimal for bathing and may not be so.

When the first filling of a pool is done, and network water is used, it has already been treated, so it is free of pathogens. Therefore our goal is to maintain the quality of this. The pools, and even more outdoors, receive microorganisms in various ways. When we use it, we leave organic remains and inorganic (creams, sunscreens, air pollution, etc). This fact causes the water in the pool to be an ideal breeding ground for all types of algae and fungi. The water, although transparent and clear, contains all these microorganisms, which is why a correct disinfection of swimming pools is necessary.

Our catalog of chemical products for swimming pools is designed to cover the needs of all types of pools. Both residential pools, urbanizations, hotels and spas.
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